Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break - Day 7

Oops, forgot to post last night. I was sleepy again. :)

Yesterday was a day o' Tad. We woke up and vegged for a bit before I took him to get donuts (this kid can eat a lot of donuts). Then vegged some more, started gluing together a little cheapy airplane model, played the ukuleles a bit (I can now almost play three songs), then I got bored and decided we needed to go to the zoo.

Well, good idea except for how packed the park around the zoo was. But we had fun. A few of the animals that aren't usually out were actually out. By the time we got home from there I had to help him with a school project and then it was time to head to my mom's house. She got an iPad and he had so much fun with it. She has the Talking Tom app (this dumb cat who you can beat up, or talk to and he repeats what you say in a helium-sounding voice). Tad was cracking up. Mostly from the beatings he was giving the cat. I have a vicious child. They also picked some more apps to get while he was there.

And now I'm going to spend a few more hours with this kiddo before I have to take him home. Right now he's doing kung fu with my yardstick. Weirdo.

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