Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break - Day 6

Is my spring break really so close to over? That gives me the sads.

So I worked at church again today. Not as long as yesterday because I came home to see my Tad!!! He was here when I got home so hubby took us all to lunch then to run a couple errands. I got my ukulele. And I can already almost play the theme song for "Adventure Time."

Tonight was the rodeo! Well, the start of it. It was bull riding tonight so we took Tad for the first time. He had fun. And he looked adorable in his little cowboy hat. I'm far too tired to upload pics right now or I totes would.

And now I'm sitting here, procrastinating on washing my face and getting to bed. And buying digital downloads on Amazon. Have you heard this song? It's been bouncing around my head so I bought it.

And because I'm a Gleek, here's Puckleberry doing this song back in February. It was amazing. And I told hubby to learn it on guitar so we can do it.

I pink sparkly heart Puck.

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