Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol - Top 7

I totes forgot to blog last night! I was all stoked that it was over at 9:30 because that would give me time to veg before writing... then I fell asleep on the couch by 10:30. Oops.

No worries, I have my notes and plenty of time before heading to church to fill you in on my thoughts.

It was music of the 21st century tonight which was nice in the sense that at least I knew the songs. It's no fun judging a song you aren't familiar with. They opened the night with the castoffs singing a Pink song that I love. And the girls sounded pretty good (gotta say I don't miss most of them). Then they made Paul sing it, which was just mean. The producers had to know that there was no way he would sound good on that song left the way it was. Jerks. In my notes I actually wrote, "No bueno."

Anyways... let's get to the actual competition.

Scotty was up first and chose "Swingin'." I was a little disappointed given all the choices out there. But he sounded good (of course). The judges liked him, but Jennifer wants him to start pushing past his comfort zone. I'm with her.

James was next with "Uprising" by Muse. LOVE that song. It's mandatory that the volume on my car stereo goes up when it's on. And he totes had me. The drummers, he wasn't overdoing it... then he started the chorus a second time. And he did his wailing/shrieking thing. He has control of it, but I just don't enjoy it. Other than that, loved him. The judges agreed.

Haley picked "Rolling in the Deep." Which I don't know (by choice). Let's just start with the fact that the backup singers were totes unnecessary. Distracting even. The show has been pretty awful about using the singers this season where it doesn't seem like they're needed. Hmmm... anyway I can see Haley putting that song on an album. The judges enjoyed her.

Jacob was next and I fought a light snooze on the couch while he sang "Dance With My Father." I'm bored by him. End of story. The judges liked him, but Randy said it didn't make him jump up and down. Ummm... he NEVER makes this household jump up and down.

Casey chose "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5. GREAT song. I love Maroon 5. And Casey made it a little bit more rock. Love Casey, love the song. LOVED the ending. And when he got up to the judges' table and pecked Jennifer on the cheek and she giggled??? I died. So adorable. Everyone loved him.

Stefano was up next with "Closer," one of the few hip-hop (is that what it would be considered?) songs that I like. And he killed. But he really is a one-trick pony right now. He needs to show some rock or something if he's back after tonight. Be edgy instead of making eyes at the camera (OH but those eyes at the camera... *swoon*). The judges enjoyed him and Jennifer told him it felt like a real performance.

Lauren got final spot of the night. She chose "Born to Fly." I don't love that song, but Lauren did a good job with it. It fit her voice. She was cute, everyone loved her. The end.

So it's harder to pick a bottom three now... eesh. I'm going to saaaaay... Stefano, Haley and Jacob. And cross my fingers that it's Jacob's week to go buh-bye. Because he's just boring me and wasting minutes of my life at this point.

Typhoid. Out.

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