Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Photo

Do you want to hear something amazing?

I am SO lazy. When I got this new computer I made darn sure it had a slot for my camera card to go directly in. Easy photo uploading!

I still hate uploading photos. I can't tell you the last time I did it. I'm so lazy that I even skipped doing it for two days prior to this. Hence a webcam photo of my Tad last time he was here.

Funny story about this kid: hubby and I were at the movies Wednesday and my phone rings. It's his mom. I ignore once (I mean, we're in a movie). She calls again. So I worry a little and step out to answer. It's Tad. Telling me that his teacher gave him some flyer for day camp or something this summer and can he go. Yes, he asked ME for permission to do a camp this summer. Hey Tad, I love you and I would happily have you live with me, but you should probably ask your mom. Not me.

I'm still giggling. I love the kid to pieces.

So it's Friday and I'm looking at a busy weekend. Busy in a good way. Oh, except for the part where I have to do progress reports. I totes forgot that until now. Dang. Guess some mimosas are in order Sunday morning...

Happy Friday!

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