Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break - Day 4

 I am wiped. Out. Shootin' in the mountains for a few hours takes it out of ya. We had fun though!

 Greenlee came along for her first range trip. She didn't like it. We need to get this girl used to it.

 See that dark sky? Yeah, what was a warm day down here on the valley floor was a cool and cloudy day up in the hills. We even got a few raindrops on us. Nothin' to get us back in the cars though.

We took this little punk (the oldest nephew) with us. He was too chicken to actually try and shoot anything though. :/ So he was our brass monkey (we reload so we save our brass).

I got to shoot my new gun! It's the first one actually registered to me. And I love it!

Hubby also got to shoot his toy. He actually built it with me in mind, but I told him it's a little large (insert "That's what she said!" here).

I shot it anyway. And liked it. This is also a good shot of my t-shirt surgery I committed this morning.

Sissy came too. She hasn't been shooting in AGES so she had fun. Gotta love that the two of us have jobs that give us spring break off. :)

We actually had a small number of people with us. And the jokes of the day were "That's what she said!" (what can I say, we're a mature bunch) and "DUH! Winning!" Turns out there's a casino billboard on our drive that used Charlie Sheen's now-epic phrase. It pretty much set the tone for the day. :)

Tomorrow, working at church. And shopping with cousin!

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