Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American Idol - Top 9

Can we get to the point where the show is only an hour and I don't have to stay up late? Please?

So tonight was honoring the rock and roll hall of fame. Steven Tyler narrated the opening about the hall of fame. Love. Love. Love.

Jacob kicked things off with "Man in the Mirror." He kind of irked me when he said that if he ends up in the bottom it won't be because he didn't sing well, it's because "everyone wasn't ready to look at themselves in the mirror." Ummmm... no. It's cuz we don't like you. Again, I'm over him. He didn't wow me. The judges are seeing something I'm not. Next.

Haley picked "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin. Good song. Good choice for her. The judges loved her and couldn't find anything wrong. So, little tangent here... anyone else hear that rumor that she and Casey are dating? Thoughts???

Speaking of Casey, he was up next (coincidence?). He picked "Have You Ever Seen the Rain." Great song. And I squealed when I saw that he busted out the standing bass. Love him. YES. The judges went nuts for him.

Lauren followed with "Natural Woman." I don't exactly love this song. But Lauren sounded good tonight. Some parts I would actually call great. The judges loved her.

*Interjection here: (or however he funked up his name) was guesting tonight. And when he was talking about James "wearing purple while everyone else is wearing blue" he TOTES sounded like RDJ in Tropic Thunder. If I could find a clip I would. Hubby and I laughed pretty hard about that one. We enjoyed that movie.

So James was next. He changed it up and went with "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." It was nice seeing him do something that didn't require the energy and craziness he's been offering us weekly. I didn't think it was perfect, but it was better than the screeching we're used to. I'm over the excessive screeching. The judges loved him of course.

Scotty surprised us by NOT going 100% country. He sang "That's Alright Mama." And he KILLED it. I loved him. He was fun, and he sounded amazing. But since he's so wonderful, I have to nitpick for a moment. Is anyone else bothered by the weird way he holds his mic? I am.

Pia chose "River Deep, Mountain High" to get away from ballads. Good choice on her part. And she did a great job. But we all know she's great now. Judges included. Steven Tyler shouted "Murderer!" at her and told her she killed the song.

Stefano followed with "When a Man Loves a Woman." Honestly, I love him, but I was only meh on the song choice. He did great, but I would have loved to hear him sing something with more rock in it. Randy liked it, but the other two judges loved him.

Paul got the sweet spot this evening and closed the show with "Folsom Prison Blues." I was a little scared. I watched hubby's face. And... I loved him! I shouldn't doubt him. Ever. He's adorable. He was fun, he interacts with the audience well, he interacts with his band members well... just love him. Perfect ending to the night.

Sooooo... I voted tonight. Not obsessively. But more than two times. Voted for Paul and Casey. Because they're my top 2. Always. We're getting to the point where it's harder to pick a bottom three, but here goes.

Jacob, Stefano, and Haley for the bottom. I was a toss-up between Haley and Lauren, but I'll go with Haley. If it's those three, I have no idea who will actually leave. We all know who I'd LIKE it to be, but I don't know if my luck is that good.

Typhoid. Out.

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