Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol - Top 8

We're shorter than two hours now!!!

Okay, so tonight was songs from the movies. And I was really hoping for great things. I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped. Oh well.

Paul got the first spot. He picked "Old Time Rock and Roll." And I was disappointed. I drew a sad face in my notes. I also noted that he looked like a mariachi. Not in a cute way. But the judges loved it! Hubby wondered if they were watching the same performance.

Lauren followed with "The Climb." During the entirely too long segment with Jimmy Iovine and I laughed at Mr. and in my notes actually wrote, "WTF? lol" Dude is weird. So Lauren... so sounded fine. Nothing new or outstanding. Better than Miley, but who isn't? The judges of course loved her.

Stefano was up next and chose "End of the Road." Yea-yuh! I have a heart in my notes. If I had sparkles handy it would totes be sparkly. He made me sigh tonight. The judges loved him. Rightly so.

Scotty came up next and ended up doing "I Cross My Heart." Risky choice in my house. Hubby and I are ginormous fans of King George (George Strait for you non-country folk). But Scotty was pretty good! I liked him. Hubby gave him an "okay." Judges proceeded to gush.

After that was Casey. With some suspiciously short (almost non-existent) facial hair. He was about to do "In the Air Tonight" which made me squee (I saw Chris Daughtry cover it. Live. Amazing.). But then he went with "Nature Boy." Which was pretty decent. But not overly exciting or anything. I just love him with that standing bass. The judges gave him a standing ovation..

Haley followed up with "Call Me." Love me some Blondie. And I want her tall purple boots. They're very purpley (name the movie!). I liked it. I can see buying her album if she puts out a rock album. But the judges didn't have much love. Sads.

Up next was Jacob. And I don't seem to be the only person BORED OUT OF MY WITS BY HIM. It's the general consensus on my Facebook. Several age ranges agree. He needs to go. I was happy Jimmy scolded him for the preachy mirror comment last week. Jacob let Jimmy convince him to do "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Like the song. Boring. Don't enjoy. Snooooooze. Go home. The judges gushed. Are they drunk?

And James got the favorite spot. He did "Heavy Metal." I LAUGHED. Love that we have metal on the show this year. He did a pretty good job. And he had ZAKK WYLDE (used to play for Ozzy Osbourne) as his guitarist! He was fun tonight. I give him props.

Alright, sooooo my bottom three. I'm going Jacob (praying really), Paul, and Stefano. I didn't vote because honestly I wasn't feelin' it much tonight. But I'm seriously hoping Jacob just leaves already. I don't know who's keeping him.

Typhoid. Out.

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