Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break - Day 1

 It wasn't an overly interesting day. Caught up on soaps. Got in a crafting mood so decided I needed to go to the fabric store. 99 cent patterns...

 So I bought this one. Meaning to use it for a lovely piece of mustard colored jersey I have. Ummm... I don't have enough. Sads. But I've already come up with another idea for the mustard. And I have grey that I can use for this vest. It looks pretty cute.

I also lucked out that jersey was on sale! Got a nice kiwi color, that super cute stripe, and grey. Because I can never have too much black or grey in my closet. No plans yet for the kiwi or the stripe. But I'll start thinking now... summer is on the way and I'll be in need of some easy to wear maxi dresses...

Made a little stop at the thrift store. Here are two of my purchases. I know, you're thinking, "Are you really going to wear Hawaiian shirts???" Not these. These will be turned into super cute skirts for summer time. Look at me and my mad creative skills. I also bought a shirt (with tags still on it) that will be perfect for work. And a Hawaiian shirt that WILL be worn as is. But more on that tomorrow...

This is the state of my kitchen table. Fabric scraps, buttons, ribbon (out of frame), glues... I've been crafting. Actually it's looked like this since Monday night. I made two hair accessories for myself last week. I'm hoping not to lose my urge to craft this week since I'll actually be HOME for it.

No huge plans for tomorrow. Just little ones. That will be amusing (to me at least). Although if my parents are home from Cancun by tomorrow maybe I'll pay them a visit.

What did y'all do today?

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