Wednesday, April 27, 2011

American Idol - Top 6

Hulloooo. Top six. Wasn't thrilled when I read the theme of the night earlier today. Songs of Carole King. Okay, I know one song by her and that's "Alligators All Around." Because we sang it in Kindergarten. So I wasn't too pumped for tonight. But it was decent after all.

Jacob was first. For the first time this season (not the last if he sticks around next week) I skipped his performance entirely. Dun-zo with that boy.

Lauren was the first performance I watched. She chose "When You Lead." The Gilmore Girls song! haha At least, that's how it's known in this house. I liked her. She sounded good tonight. The judges liked her and were proud that she actually tried out some high notes they've been bugging her about.

Next was the first duet of the night. Yes, they paired up the remaining six for some duets. Because why bother cutting the show down to an hour and giving us some of our lives back? First duet was Casey and Haley. Which made me giddy for a moment. I lurve them together. And they are totes gettin' it on. *bow-chicka-wow-wow* (Is that how that would be spelled?) They sang "I Feel the Earth Move." PERFECT. They are adorable together. Steven commented on the performance by asking Weird Beard (a.k.a. Casey) how much in love he is with Haley. I laughed. But then he went into real comments and told them they were great. Agreed.

Scotty was the next solo with "You Got a Friend." No not the song from Toy Story. And he. Was. Amazing. He went into his higher register instead of starting way down low. And I loved it. The judges loved him too.

James was up next. He chose "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" Love that song. And overall I enjoyed his performance. LOVED the beginning. LOVELOVELOVE. Not as big a fan by the time it got to the end. But the beginning sold it for me. The judges gushed and Jennifer called him the star of the night.

Duet time! Now we're listening to Scotty and Lauren (who are totes NOT gettin' it on). They sang "Up on the Roof." Good. Not outstanding. But they're pretty cute together.

Casey's turn. He picked "Hi-De-Ho." SO PERFECT FOR HIM. Totally jazzy, he owned it, he played off all the musicians... it was all his. The judges loved him and I did too.

Haley was the last solo performance. She sang "Beautiful." I liked when she slowed it down and got quiet, but the rest of the performance was only good for me. But slowing down... win in my book.

Aaaand the last duet. If you haven't figured it out yet, James and Jacob were put together. ODD. Dare I say even a little awkward? They just don't mesh well (quick, name the movie). They sang "I'm Into Something Good." It was decent, and they obviously had fun. But it wasn't great. Or worth hearing again. Ever. Poor James, he needed a partner more like him. :/ Steven Tyler pretty much felt the same about the quality of the performance.

Alrighty... so now we need a bottom three. Gotta throw Jacob under the bus, he should have been gone a long time ago. I'm also going to go with Haley. Because she tends to be popular in the danger spotlight. Aaaaand... eesh, this one's hard. I'm gonna have to say Casey. Because I have a feeling James, Scotty and Lauren have the biggest following. So there's my bottom three. I'm crossing fingers and toes that it's finally Jacob.

*Please be Jacob, please be Jacob, please be Jacob*

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