Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5 Things - Birthday Edition

No, it's not my birthday yet. But it is two weeks from tomorrow. And Christmas is just around the corner. So there may be people out there searching desperately for something to buy me. haha Hubby and mom have an easy time since they see me or talk to me every day. But not everyone is fortunate enough to see me all the time (you poor souls). And last year my blog helped a family member out with her Christmas shopping so I'll help out again. :) I'm only thinking of making it easy for my family. Really.

5 Places I Could Do Serious Damage With A Gift Card

  1. Let's just start with Sephora. You might as well put a kid in a candy store for the way I feel about them. There's the eyeliners I featured in last week's wish list. Then there's a Too Faced set with lots of goodies. I pink puffy heart their eyeshadows. Oh, and some DuWop lipstick. Because they know how to do lips.
  2. Moving right along to Old Navy. I check them out frequently, whether in the store or online. I don't have this exact pair, but I LIVE in my Rockstar jeans from there. Skinnies, flats and a cardigan is perfect for work. Speaking of cardigans, this cable knit one would be lovely. I think my heart skips a beat for cable knit. And scarves. We mustn't forget scarves.
  3. One word: Target. Love of my life #99 (go ahead and laugh James). We kind of decided that any Target gift cards we get will go toward a new television. But that doesn't mean I can't want things like these perfect boots. I need a gray pair. For my skinnies that I live in. And I know I don't live in the wettest climate on the planet, but I would seriously love some zebra print rain boots. Seriously. This hat is also the cutest thing ever. And yes, I would wear it.
  4. Next up is Joann's. LOVE Joann's. Mom and I didn't spend three hours there last Friday or anything... Over vacation I may actually get time to sew! And bake! So if I'm going to keep frosting cakes, I'll need a turntable to make it easier. Not to mention the amount of fabric, patterns, thread and other crafty things I could get there.
  5. Last place of choice? Victoria's Secret. But I'm not about to post what I'd buy. Because that's just none of your business. So there.

So glance at some of the things I love. I'll have a new gift list for you tomorrow. Haven't really thought of who we're shopping for yet, but I'll decide at some point today. For now, decide what you want to gift your favorite blogger with for her birthday. :)

Happy Tuesday!

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