Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 Things

Wow. I am so super tired. I was falling asleep on the couch at eight last night. Hubby had to wake me up for Adventure Time. How lame am I?? I think I'll be catching up on my sleep over our little Thanksgiving break next week.

Wanna know what else I'm doing? Well, I'm so glad you asked! haha

5 Things I'll (Hopefully) Be Doing During Break
  1. Seeing the new Harry Potter movie!! *squeeeeeee* I'm so excited for this. For reals.
  2. Spending time with my Tad. Doing fun things.
  3. Baking. I dunno what. But it's been awhile since I baked just because I felt like it.
  4. Crafting. Maybe. No, definitely. Something for myself, then possibly some Christmas presents. Because I found some super cute ideas online.
  5. SLEEPING. I know I mentioned it before I got the list going. But it's important. And it will be happening. Oh yes. Especially with my super soft and cozy blanket. *sigh*

I know not everyone has the luck to have next week off, but it's one of the perks of being a teacher. And I'm going to celebrate that perk to the fullest!

Happy Tuesday!

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