Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give Me a Moment

Okay. I tend to stay away from seriousness and divisive subjects on this blog. I never enjoy when people talk about something just to get a reaction. And I have unsubscribed to blogs that constantly get political/religious/controversial. If I wanted to read angst and uproar I'd subscribe to our newspaper.

That said, there's been one topic that has come up several times recently with a few different people. And after hearing about someone who is living with some of the issues... well I just decided I wanted to throw my two cents in there.

So if you're uncomfortable or in a judging mood, please go away. I'm not asking you to validate my opinion, but I'm definitely not asking you to attack it either. It's called an opinion because it's not the same as everyone's. And it's MY blog, so I'll express MY opinion.

We're gonna chat a bit about homosexuality. Or rather, how people are reacting to homosexuals.

Now I know a lot of people have covered their own thoughts and feelings on the subject. There has been national attention on the tragic stories of young people who decide that ending their lives is an answer to how they feel. Glee has addressed the subject of bullying with a couple episodes. But as I said before... just my two cents here.

This has always been a weird area for me in some way. I was raised Christian. I call myself a Christian to this day. I attend a Christian church. I teach at a Christian school. Maybe it's just how fortunate I am, or maybe I was raised around more tolerant Christians, but I never heard any "gay-bashing" from anyone. I am fully aware that there are some Christians who can't even talk to someone that they know is gay because "it's just wrong. God didn't make them that way. They're choosing to sin."

Well, I'm not here to discuss why or why not people end up being gay. But I will say that Christians with that attitude make me sad and embarrassed. Gay or not, God DID create them. And gay or not, He DOES want us to love our neighbors. It's not up to us to do any judging.

Hubby and I know a lesbian couple and while talking to hubby one of the women expressed anger at how she and her partner were treated recently. She talked about the dirty looks, about being asked to leave a store (I don't know the whole story here, but it doesn't sound right from what I do know), and just the meanness sent their direction. Why is any of that necessary? Why people? Because they have feelings for someone of the same sex? I've seen how some couples feel about each other and I promise you, their feelings for each other are the same as the feelings between my husband and myself. Being the same gender doesn't make their relationship fake or less legitimate than any other couple.

I stand by my own beliefs. I DO follow what the Bible says and I don't think God approves of homosexuality. But I also don't think He wants us to make homosexuals feel out of place, shunned, or even in danger as so many do feel. I will never "unfriend" someone on Facebook simply because of who they are attracted to. I will never tell anyone that they are a sinner. Because guess what? We all are to some degree.

So if anyone ever displays that kind of ignorance in my presence, I will call them on it. And if they do that to someone I consider a friend, I WILL make sure I call them on it good and loud. I don't put up with bullies.

*end rant*

Okay then, I feel slightly better having said all that. I hope I didn't crush any toes with my stepping. And if you can respectfully disagree (or agree) then feel free to pop in with a comment. But know that I WILL be monitoring them and I WILL take anything down that sounds hateful or mean. I hope everyone can have a happy Tuesday. And maybe I'll be back later with something more light and fluffy later. :)

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MalContent said...

Well said! And I gotta say, a rather unique viewpoint. Even though it shouldn't be.

No messing. I like how you've ... reconciled is the best word that comes to mind ... the teachings of your church. From my (outsider's) perspective, it's very much in keeping with the heart and soul of those teachings; seems to me what you have there is very much a Christian ideal.