Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 Things

WOW what a weekend. Shall we just jump on in? Let's shall...

5 Things About My Halloweekend (And Last Night)
  1. So let's begin with the important stuff... GIANTS WON LAST NIGHT! 'Scuse the language, but yeeeeeah bit*&es!!! We were a little tense, then mucho excited around these parts. And playing Journey during their little montage at the end? Y'all know I'm a weirdo about that song. That so made it.
  2. So back to Halloween... Friday night we headed up to Hollister to see the always amazing Mighty Mites (a.k.a. Cousin Tony and friends). They played an amazing show. And I was pretty proud of our costumes. It was just a great time. Then there was the random dude, our new friend Juan, who decided to pay for our drinks the rest of the night. He was there alone. The waitress said he does that all the time. Shows up alone, shares his table with a group, and ends up buying their drinks. Thankfully some of hubby's cousins speak fluent Spanish so we were able to communicate a little. Because Juan definitely didn't speak English.
  3. Hubby wore a dress. Evidence to come later this week.
  4. Our party ended up being super small, but whatevs. Those who showed had a good time. So y'all who didn't come missed out.
  5. Sunday was super fun. Our neighborhood ROCKS Halloween. Across the street our neighbors set up a haunted house for the trick or treaters to go through. So of course we took the kids through. I found out Tad is like hubby, he laughs when he's scared. He stared and laughed the whole way through. Then there were plenty of other houses handing out candy. I think we live in the right neighborhood. When we look to buy, we're looking around here. FO SHO.

How was everyone else's weekend? Hopefully good? I don't know how the week will compare now. I woke up congested yesterday and wiped out. Gotta take the bad with the good, huh?

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