Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Gift List

Ohhhh I had fun with today's list. I could have added tons more things. But linking everything takes a lot of work so I decided to stop here.

Today I though I'd make a list for your girly girl. Your friend, niece, or sis who loves makeup and dressing up. (Hint hint: I'd gladly take any and all of these items under my tree.)

I am in LOVE with this dress. I don't have anywhere to wear it at the moment, but it's just fabulous and begging to be worn by me. (via Ruche)

And this coat? With the giant buttons AND a bow on the collar? So super cute. (via Ruche)

These gloves are just pretty. I love their long length and their buttons. And they're red. Which is actually really pretty with just about everything. Including the lovely coat above. (via ModCloth)

These tights are pretty. I'm not 100% sure I would wear them. I almost wonder if I'm too old for them already. But I would definitely try. (via ModCloth)

This necklace would go with several things in my closet. Without even putting much effort I just planned a whole outfit around this necklace. I love it. (via ModCloth)

Now comes the dangerous part for me... makeup. Sephora has been tempting me with their holiday catalog and emails again...

This set would actually be pretty awesome. There's a TON in it. And it's a really good price (again, hint hint Santa).

I rarely wear lipstick because you need a mirror to put it on and it takes some precise application. Lip gloss? So much simpler. This set would do nicely.
And last year I wrote about some an Urban Decay eyeliner set that I was loving. Hubby bought it for me. It's pretty much my FAVORITE EYELINER EVER. So hopefully this set makes its way to my house this year. It would make my year.

So there you are. Some great gifts for your favorite girl. All three sites I shopped have a ton of stuff besides what I posted. So enjoy browsing.
Happy Wednesday!!

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