Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Been awhile. But I was feeling some serious cuteness on Etsy.

Like this headband? Are you in love? Because I am. I definitely don't love the price though... (via leatherblossoms)

Oooh, and this one. I actually might buy this one for some photos coming up soon. Or I could just make one. Because we all know I'm capable. (via thecrazycraftlady9)

I can't knit or crochet though. But this orange beret would make my day. The bow! The orange! It would make me happy. And berets totally don't crush my hair. (via TravisTreasureBox)

And this scarf. Probably not the warmest thing in the world, but I love scarves. And it's November so it's technically acceptable to wear them ALL the time. (via Textilemonster)

Want some news? It's conference week at school and I have SEVEN conferences today. SEVEN. But tomorrow is Veteran's Day so there's no school (yay!). I'll be recuperating by doing a fat lot of nothing. Along with some car shopping. Because hubby and I are totally looking for a truck. I'm just waiting for the Blazer to start in with a death rattle. :/

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