Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Photo

I didn't forget today!!

Today you get an old one (about a year old) but it's an amazing one. It's the little manlet of course...

Can't you just hear him shouting, "Let the wild rumpus start!!" He's actually howling for me because I'm howling at him.

Last fall my dear, dear friend Steven agreed to take some pictures of my little wild thing at the park. They are, quite simply, the most fantabulous pictures I have seen. I could be a bit biased, but... seriously. This is only one of my faves. I may end up with a gallery on a wall at home. They are that outstanding.

So enjoy my Tad. I will. I have one picture as my desktop at home, I may have to do the same at work. The pictures just make me smile.

Happy Friday! Have a wild rumpus!

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