Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Gift List

You only have six Wednesdays (counting today) until Christmas.

Did I scare ya? Because I totally scared myself.

Last year I did a couple gift guide things. So I thought since we're already entirely too close to Christmas I would start those up again. So today let's start with the men in your life.

So I don't think you've been living under a rock, but there's this sport called baseball. And the Giants won the championship. It was kind of a big deal. And Sports Authority has their parade shirts (which hubby totally wants).
Bass Pro has a turkey fryer. I don't get the whole big deal about frying your turkey up, but apparently it's this big thing. And hubby would totally be willing to try it if he had a fryer. So if there's a man around who is also interested... here ya go.

Bass Pro also has smokers. Which (again) my husband wants badly. I guess I shouldn't complain, at least he likes to cook for me.

And at a store completely unline the two mentioned previously, Sur la Table has fun cooking stuff. Like this nifty little deal to make sliders. I love sliders. They're just better than a big burger. We make them a lot over the summer.
And this. Okay, maybe this one is more a want for me than hubby. Anyone make jalapeno poppers? Stuffed jalapenos? You can totally be manly and do it over the grill now.

By the way, if Santa is reading and any of these end up at my house, I'd be pretty happy.

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