Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I love makeup. It's fun to play with, even though I'm not a kid anymore. I love going out to a club or something and having the excuse to actually use dark colors and stuff. So naturally I signed up for a Sephora Beauty Insider card a while back.

Sadly my finances prohibit me from heading there unless I'm at the point where I NEED something (we're getting dangerously close to the end of my mascara over here...). But when I got an email from them yesterday I decided to go play.

Oh how I miss you, Sephora.

I've been pretty good about keeping my nails painted lately. And I'm loving dark colors right now. Well, except for the light purple on my nails right now... anyway, this set is so pretty. I'm pretty sure my nails would stay purple all winter. Although that taupey-greyish color on the right is kinda cool. And pale pink never goes out of style.
Now, I already have a brand and formula of mascara that I'm loyal to (it just so happens to be from Sephora as well). But who could say no to a sampler of mascara?? I would have so much fun testing all of those out! You never know, my formula could prove wimpy next to one of those.

I love lip gloss. It's the easiest thing in the world. Better than lipstick because you don't have to be as precise. And this set has some pretty colors.
Then there's THIS. This actually came out in October (I think) and I just didn't get it. I couldn't justify spending money on it. Yup, it's a Twilight edition of the wonderful Lip Venom from DuWop. I love their Lip Venom. I love Twilight. Maybe I should just get over it and buy it. Unless I can convince someone it would be the best birthday present ever (accompanied by an Edward doll of course).
More lip gloss. But these colors are a little stronger than the set from Nars. I'd happily take either.
Ohhh, and these. I love eyeliner. And Urban Decay apparently has the best out there. And this set comes with navy. And purple. And a SPARKLY black. *sigh* Okay, maybe this could accompany the Edward doll and Twilight Lip Venom to really make the best birthday present ever...

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