Saturday, November 14, 2009


This isn't a regular occurrence or anything, but I LOVE cold leftover pizza. Not just any pizza. The absolute best cold pizza is mushroom pizza from one of our local places (that shall not be named because even though their pizza is good, the people that run it are jerkwads and I don't want to give them publicity). My husband finds this beyond disgusting and is always really grossed out when I eat cold pizza.

Our discussion continued on to include cold fried chicken the other day. He gagged. And it got me thinking, I can't be the only weirdo who enjoys some leftovers cold. Can I? So I went to Facebook hoping for some input.

Here are the answers I got:
  • Chinese food (I actually had three people respond with Chinese food, which makes me contemplate trying it)
  • plain spaghetti noodles
  • pizza (six people were with me on this one, I started doing it at the suggestion of my dad)
  • tri tip (LOVE that one)
  • pancakes
  • fried chicken (only one person went with me on this one)
  • meatloaf, especially on a sandwich (it's debatable whether or not this is limited to Steven's mom's meatloaf)
  • chicken/turkey (this makes me excited for Thanksgiving)
  • au gratin potatoes (the argument is that if they're reheated the sauce separates and gets yucky)
  • pasta with pesto (I just can't work with that one)
  • and cold hot chocolate. Wouldn't that be chocolate milk? Courtesy of my sister-in-law. Other than that, she's with hubby and thinks food needs to be hot.

So, do any of you have input? It's kind of funny to see what you learn about people through these random surveys. I may have to it every once in awhile. Feel free to give me your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

How about cold ravioli from a can?