Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Okay, so actually this was my second choice for a wish list today. Technically the thing I want most right now would be a house. Where I'd have alarms and locks and such that would far outdo the idiots running our apartments...

But that's a tangent.

So for today, I kind of went crazy. I've mentioned that I'm loving the color purple. I have a pair of purple tights that I bought in Vegas. I am DYING to wear them, but it just isn't cool enough right now. Plus I would have to find the perfect outfit. Since I've been wishing so badly that I could wear them, I thought I'd make up today's wish list based on the color.

And just so you know, I wouldn't wear all of this stuff together. I'm not going for the Barney the Dinosaur look.
purple clothes!
Here's some purple clothes. That plaid dress is from Old Navy and I'm kind of dying to see if they have it in the store closest to us. I think it would be okay with my purple tights. Right? I have a few choices when it comes to brown boots to pair it with...
purple accessories!
I also had to find some random purple accessories. I'm sure the sequined headband is too young for me and I have no business wearing it, but it's sparkly! How could I not include it? But I would totally wear that beanie.
purple shoes!
And shoes. I can't neglect shoes. I own one pair of purple shoes. But they're sandals so I really can't wear them during winter. But any of these would be amazing. I really can't pick a favorite. They're all making me drool.
Sorry if you don't like purple. Or if you're sick of it after today. But I had too much fun looking at all these babies. Too perfect. Now I really wish I could go shopping...

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