Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today I...

I'm thankful that I'm fortunate enough to be good at something and actually enjoy it. I have no clue where the baking gene came from. My mom and grandma can bake, but they've never been super interested in decorating. Perhaps it came from my time working at a bakery? Which would surprise me because I didn't enjoy myself while I was there. THAT'S for sure.

So today I'm thankful for my random cake baking/decorating talent. I just wish I had more opportunities to use it.

There was the birthday cake for my Tad this year. Which he loved. And I'm still pretty proud of. Totally his idea and I was able to do it for him.

I'm also thankful for friends that have had enough faith in me to put me in charge of their parties! It takes a lot to trust your son's first birthday goodies to someone. I'm so lucky to have people who have that much trust in my work.

And I'm thankful for friends who are just awesome and give me a chance to try something new. I played with fondant, I played with shimmer powder, and I attempted my first red velvet when I made these for a friend's birthday. It was SO fun.
I'm aware that I could totally come off as cocky about my skills. But I'm just thankful that I have them. I could never get paid for baking again, and I'd still enjoy doing it.

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MalContent said...

It ain't bragging if you can back it up! And you clearly can. :)