Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Was Not Aware of That...

Apparently November is National Blog Posting Month. I'm not making this up. See? Which means I should probably attempt to post every day.

Hey, I have so far!

So today, I'll tell you a little story.

About the suckiest apartment complex ever. Wait, that would be MY apartment complex!

Since we've lived here management must have changed. Because where they used to care when we had issues, they totally don't now. We can barely open our sliding glass and screen doors because of a tree whose roots are growing under our porch. Their answer to this problem was, "Oh, we would have to tear the porch out." Hmmmm... couldn't you have offered to put us in a different unit so I could, oh I dunno, ENJOY MY PATIO!

I've also had various creepy-crawlies come into my apartment. Making me want to faint and throw up.

Then there's the fact that we're a gated complex, but until recently nobody bothered closing the gates at night. Oh, and now that they're usually closed it doesn't really matter. People will just wait until someone with an opener pulls up and zip in right behind them. Or go in the exit gate. Because, guess what? No one mans the little security station at the gate. No one.

Of course this leads to a lot of break ins. Hubby and I have been lucky. The worst we had happen was when someone took our little tiny grill off our back patio. But then today we couldn't open our garage door. That would be because some idiot tried to break in last night and BROKE OUR DOOR. We finally shoved it open. And then called maintenance.

Maintenence was called over an hour ago. I've yet to see them pull up in their fugly golf cart. They WILL fix my door. And not just some ghetto rigging. They're going to replace crap. Or I'll blow up at them.


So hope everyone else is having a good Tuesday. I'm considering playing the lottery so we can move sooner.

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