Monday, November 9, 2009

Here It Comes

It's November. Like, a full week in. That means craziness. Last night I was watching the news and the anchorman said, "Only about six weeks until Christmas!"

I promptly cursed the man.

Everyone tends to have a lot going on this year. So in order to make some of you feel better, I'll share the upcoming stress with you.

3 days until cupcakes for mom's work.
11 days until New Moon (I'm not actually seeing it opening day though, so this doesn't technically matter)
12 days until a cupcake order for a birthday party (I'm super excited about these)
17 days until Thanksgiving (maybe I should offer to make my pumpkin cupcakes)
32 days until I head to SoCal with the parents (hubby has to work) for a big party
35 days until I leave for vacation (Tahoe!)
36 days until my birthday
40 days until we celebrate Christmas with my father-in-law (he always gets the Saturday before Christmas)
45 days until Christmas Eve
46 days until Christmas

Holy crap. Somewhere between days 36 and 45 I have loads of baking to do. It's not Christmas without a kitchen (and dining room) full of cookies. I also have sewing to do. Because I'm a genius (or crazy/stupid/insane) and decided that I want to make some gifts this year.


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