Saturday, November 21, 2009


Perhaps you've already glanced over at my Twitter today. I have the formula for the perfect Saturday. That's the condensed version. Here's the full one.

Listen to a 5-year-old play in his room for a little bit. Smile as he does his Wall-E and Eve voices.

Snuggle on the couch with that same 5-year-old because the apartment is cold.

Make oatmeal with the 5-year-old. Let him help and avoid freaking out when he makes a bit of a mess.

Let the 5-year-old put the brown sugar and cinnamon into his oatmeal. Dread the coming sugar buzz when you see the heaping spoonful he puts in.

Watch The NeverEnding Story and relive your childhood while wishing it kept the kid's attention better. Also, try to convince the kid that Falkor is NOT a dog. Even thought he has dog-like ears.
What's next on our perfect Saturday? We're going to my mom's as soon as we're dressed. We'll veg in our jammies a little longer.

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