Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Need Suggestions

I've mentioned that I plan on doing as much crafting/sewing/making of my Christmas gifts this year as I can. Some things will be easy (pajama pants for the kids) and some will take a little more time. I can deal with that.

Most of you know that I'm also that aunt that lets the kids do and make whatever they want. So I'm going to try and get them involved with Christmas. I already have a couple ideas (especially an easy teacher gift) and can't wait to get them over here. But I need some more suggestions.

Requirements? Preferably something that only takes a couple hours. Between attention spans and the fact that I have to drive twenty or so minutes when I want them, these things need to be easy. It would also be great if I could get some ideas that use a lot of stuff I might already have. Or supplies I could find SUPER cheap.

So send your ideas my way! And if you've ever been a recipient of homemade gifts (that you didn't find lame), send some ideas my way.

Now I'm off to my mom's so we can hit the fabric store. Enjoy your Sunday!

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