Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Sunday nights are perfect for doing my nails. Settle in to watch True Blood and bust out the nail polish. For three more weeks at least... then True Blood is done for the season. I am not okay with this. It feels like it JUST started. Ugh.

So anyway, on to this week's fun...

Yup, we have a Giants theme again. We're going to a game this week for my cousin's birthday (possibly our last game this season). So I'm showing Cody Ross some love. I mean, he did give me a winky face. :) I even went and bought striped socks to wear to the game. And I'm making a sign. Much fun will be had.

Starting our first FULL week of school this week. Possibly going out to a local show tonight. Back to school night Thursday... I'm sure this week is going to fly by before I even realize it happened.

Happy Monday.

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