Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Year

Time for another school year. First day of school is Wednesday. I'll be doing school-related things until then too.

I should be more functional this year than I was last year. What with the last minute hiring last year and the fact that it was my first year with my own classroom. This year I know what I'm doing so I shouldn't feel as overwhelmed. Meaning hopefully the blog won't suffer.

I'll probably be changing my posts. Still posting weekdays only, except for the occasional weekend post because something fabulous happened.

On a completely different note, the purple hair is gone. The process was... interesting. Let's just say that dark brown wasn't dark enough. Now my hair is black like my soul.

I have yet to look at it in daylight so there may be some purple tint left under there. I guess I'll see tomorrow. I didn't want to go black, but I like it better than I thought I would. So yay me.

Happy Monday. Gotta get stuff done around here!

**I would like to add that I will be 30 in four months. That's entirely too soon. Eek!**

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