Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh Giants

So we had a GOOD baseball fight the other night.

If you follow baseball, you know that there's just no love to be found between the Giants and the Phillies. So this turned into one of the best bench-clearing brawls in recent memory. Well... at least in the past year. Because this kinda happened last year too.

What's sad (and a little funny) is this was the best part of the game that night. My cousin and I were recapping our favorite parts on Facebook (if you're good at recognizing players, just look for Sergio Romo in the video... GANGSTA!). Twitter blew up. I commented that Eli Whiteside (the catcher for the Giants) was protecting his pitcher AS HE IS SUPPOSED TO DO and got attacked. Of course the genius who attacked me was courteous enough to give my blog a few hits. Thanks for raising my stats jerk! :)

Thankfully there were no suspensions. And the Giants won yesterday. So all is right with the universe again. Feel free to watch the video more than once. Between the actual game, post game, and the coverage in days following, I've probably seen it more than ten times. :)

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