Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Adults Only

Okay, that could be potentially dirty. Let's clarify: don't even bother reading this if you aren't 21 years of age and allowed to purchase alcohol. Got it? I'm going to recommend some outstanding beers here...

Alrighty... hubby and I went to the grocery store yesterday (yes, THIS is my exciting life). I had been wanting some tasty adult beverages. We're doing no soda for the month of August, which include mixers for me. So Captain and Coke, as well as other tasty concoctions, are out. I wanted the Pyramid Apricot beer last night... but Save Mart had a fail. There was one six-pack left... and someone had taken one out. Hence: five-pack failure. Well we went to a different store today and they had it.

Wait, have you TASTED Pyramid's Apricot Ale? Um, DELICIOUS. It smells like apricot, but the taste isn't overwhelming. It's a fantastic summer beer. So I casually placed a six-pack in the cart.

But they also had my newfound love. Kona Brewing Co. Aloha Series Wailua. Oh goodness. We got it in one of those variety twelve-packs a few months ago. The Wailua is the first thing I finished in the pack. And then I discovered they sell it in six-packs. It's another wheat ale (we're big on those in this house) but brewed with passion fruit. OH. MY. It's almost refreshing! So I kind of put one of those in the cart too. I'm set for awhile.

Anything you particularly enjoy during the hot days in August?


Hazc said...

Oh, Wailua Wheat is amazing. Unless you drink 12, there's a lot of sugar in them.

kayla c said...

Ohhhhhhh yummers. I think we need to have those instead of mimosas when I come back!!