Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly Manicure

Sooo... really this week should have been shark-themed nails. Because it's Shark Week on Discovery. But see, I kind of owe a manicure dedicated to a certain Giants player. Yes, OWE him.

See I "like" Cody Ross (yes, outfielder for the Giants and star of a certain post last week AND the adorable man in this video I featured more than once) on Facebook. And he responds to people all the time on his page. So in the course of commenting on his page last night, he asked to see my Giants-themed manicure from a couple weeks ago. And just so you know, YES I squealed like an idiot and treated it like a much bigger deal than it actually is. But c'mon... Cody Ross wanted to see my manicure! So I put a pic up on his wall.

Um, if you remember my manicure was pretty much solely revolving around our favorite bearded closer, B.Weezy. Cody called me out on that. And now I'm attempting to redeem myself with this...

Yup, spelled his name. 13 is his number (obviously). The black with orange stripes is because he's pretty much known for wearing the short baseball pants with striped socks like that. :) I love his socks. I'm actually planning on getting some before our next game.

So there ya are. This won't last a week. We have pics coming on Saturday so I think I'll go for something less bright. Or maybe I'll do purple to match my hair...

**EDIT** Cody responded with a "like" and a "Now keep it like that. ;-)"

I GOT A WINKY FACE FROM CODY ROSS! haha I promise I'm not that crazy, it just makes me giggle. And okay, I did squeal. Hubby rolled his eyes at me.

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