Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Photo

**For some reason this didn't post on Friday like it was supposed to. Just found it in my drafts. Boooo. So pretend it's Friday for a minute.**

This could be my favorite picture from this week. Which technically isn't saying much since I didn't take very many... but still.

This is from the journal of one of my kids. :)

First day and she writes about me. She did yesterday too. This girl should be my kid. She's so girly and ALSO wrote "I love me" in her journal yesterday. I mean seriously, when your kids love you this much how can you NOT love your job?

Ready for day three today. REALLY ready for some sleeping in tomorrow. And some lesson planning, because I'll let you know something: there is ALWAYS more for a teacher to do.

Happy Friday! And have a great weekend! I don't see myself being around much. :)

**Also, happy 19th to all my fellow DT junkies!**

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