Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 Things

Things around here have been signaling fall... I thought I'd share.

5 Things That Hint Fall is Coming For Me
  1. Halloween stuff. I am completely okay with this. I almost bought some dog t-shirts at Target last night.
  2. Semi-cool mornings. Those actually went away for awhile, but they're coming back. By Friday I may need a cardigan to do yard duty.
  3. The limited availability of short sleeves. I went looking for a light weight cardigan the other day so I could wear a cute new dress... nope. All too warm or long sleeves. *sigh*
  4. Boots! It will soon be time to add some to the collection. This makes me happy.
  5. The looming end of the season for baseball. I don't even want to talk about how few games are left. Sads.
What's making you realize, "Holy crap it's fall?!"

1 comment:

MalContent said...

It's...not fall. But yes, it's coming. I noticed today that the sun's already behind the mountains on my way home from work. It made me excited for Halloween. :)