Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5 Things

I was going to do an overshare and tell you about five things that are getting me through PMS this week. But then I got too lazy to take pics. So that idea went out the window.


5 Things I Already Miss About Summer
  1. Sleeping in! Obviously. Honestly it hasn't been bad though.
  2. My purple hair. I still like my black hair, but that purple... *sigh*
  3. Going out during the week. I wanted to go out last night. I decided to be a grown up and stay home.
  4. Just the idea of freedom to do whatever you want at any point of the day.
  5. Shorts and flip flops and no makeup days. Now I have to be presentable. Every day. 
I am extremely grateful I have a job that gives me a summer vacation. I just wish it hadn't flown by. :) And I am excited to be back at work with my kiddos. I have some funny personalities in class this year. It should be interesting... like my second grader who burped yesterday and then said to his friend, "That tasted like my lunch."

Yup. These are the gems I get daily.

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