Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 Things...

Hello all! Hope those of you who got a three-day weekend were able to enjoy it! Hubby and I went to his mom's house. There was of course barbecue, swimming for the kids, and some good ol' visiting with everyone.

There was also Tad attacking hubby with a squirt gun. Always fun. :)

So today, since it was the unofficial start of summer yesterday, I thought we should stick with that theme.

5 Things I Would Love To Do This Summer
  1. Make homemade ice cream. Hubby just mentioned last week that he wants an ice cream maker. I agree. I LOVE homemade ice cream.
  2. Hit the beach. Hubby went to school near the coast, so on school days I'd drop him off in town, then head over to the beach. I miss those trips.
  3. Go camping! Yay! It's almost time again! If we camped at a lower elevation we could go now, but we don't. So we still have to wait awhile.
  4. Practice my shooting. This is a given. We will be doing this, plenty of it. But now that I've gotten a taste for shooting clay pigeons with the shotgun, I want to do it again. And get better at it!
  5. Take some random trips just for the sake of photography. I've been having fun with my camera. So I'd love to come up with some random day trips I can take to get more interesting pictures. Of course, I want Tad to be able to play too. He has fun with a camera.
So there ya go. I guess I'm ready for summer, even if it means triple digits and bathing suits. Eek.

What are y'all hoping to do?

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