Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5 Things

Hola! Happy Tuesday! I'm feeling much better today. Yesterday was SUCH a Monday. Massive allergy attack on Sunday night that slightly carried over. I was too drugged up to function for awhile at VBS. I had to stick around late because I had a parent who was late.


But it's Tuesday now! And I'm feeling better! And I beat a section of Mario Party last night! Hubby thinks I'm addicted... ummmm...

Anyhow, on to our list today.

5 Things I'm Into Right Now
  1. The Southern Vampire books by Charlaine Harris. I'm reading them for the second time. Hoping to pick up the last one soon. Unless you have it, Claudia? Email me.
  2. Mario Party 8. I may or may not have shouted at the game while I was playing last night.
  3. True Blood. We don't have HBO anymore (lame). But hubby did buy me season 2. Plus, ya know, it's based on the book series I'm reading.
  4. Sewing! We bought some necessary things for me to do mending and such so I can start on that. Hubby has a few things that need help, I have a few things, sissy wants to bring me some stuff... I should start charging!
  5. Panera. Have you BEEN there? Hubby took me yesterday and I had a super bomb salad and sandwich combo. Then we brought home some bagels. Mmmmm... I love me some carbs. Bread and I get along very well.
There ya go. Some things that I may be mildly obsessing about. Enjoy something you're loving right now. I may or may not have a bagel for lunch after VBS...

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