Wednesday, June 16, 2010


At some point I WILL start wish lists again. I just need to find a better way to do since I'm not on my own computer. But the good news is that I should have my computer back by next week!!! At least that was the status as of Monday.

Anyway, much is going on the House of Typhoid this week. (I kinda like that name, hello clothing line! Oh wait, I'm not a designer...) I've been putting things on the walls finally. And there's more that has to go up. Tomorrow we may pick up some paint for my bench in the entryway. Plus thread so I can make my curtains! I got a wine rack/cupboard of cuteness from my mom. It needs some painting unfortunately, so there's a few more bucks. I'm getting a desk from sissy today that will definitely need work down the road. If only I could find a decent dresser for little to no money. I really don't like ours. Some of the drawers are stupid small. Which makes it feel like it's stupid small. And it's super heavy! And it has a mirror that attaches (which I don't like). But enough about the dresser that I despise...

That's what's been going on here. Working on everything is going to be a loooong process. There are at least three pieces of furniture that need to be stained. Possibly two that will get a coat of paint. Pictures need to be printed for frames...

Any volunteers? I'll buy the beer.

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