Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 Things

It's hot. Like, really hot. Like, we actually turned on our air conditioner hot. (If you know us then you know we don't run it too often.) So instead of things, today I give you...

5 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
  1. The beach. Probably Pismo. It's not this hot in Pismo.
  2. The mountains. The higher the better. We were actually going to go camping this week, but plans changed.
  3. Alabama. Okay, I know there's no relief there. BUT at least then I could hang out with my mom and my grandpa. And I'd get some cool thunderstorm action.
  4. Hawaii. Because it's stinkin' HAWAII. And I've never been.
  5. At the movies. Because it's nice and cool there. Hmmm... maybe we should head out to the movies later...
I hope most of you locals are at least sitting in nice air conditioned offices today. Thankfully tomorrow it's supposed to drop out of the triple digits. Woohoo!

P.S. Y'all need to vote in my poll from Sunday. All it takes is one click. And you do more than that to get to my blog every day.

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