Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Coolness

This was me yesterday. It will quite possibly be me later this week as well.

I had a major case of the lazies. I had VBS every morning last week. And random stuff in the afternoons and evenings. Thursday night was a planning session for my grandpa's 80th birthday in September.

Saturday was invitation making. Then going out with sissy and some cousins.

Sunday was time to RELAX finally. But it was hot. And it's hard to really relax when it's hot.

This week... well, today is actually okay. Tomorrow I'm meeting with a friend after work. Wednesday we'll take a possible day trip with sissy and the kids? Thursday I'm going to do something amazing and I think I'll just keep you in suspense about it for now... hee hee.

Add in that I have projects I want to do, the 4th to get ready for (we're doing it up at my dad's this year), and Florida to start thinking about... but it's all good. At least I'm planning fun things!

Happy Monday!

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