Sunday, June 6, 2010

When It Rains...

... it seriously pours.

I had a rollercoaster week last week. Where do I even begin? Let me try to find a silver lining for everything... if I can.

Both cars had mini freak-outs. Arthur had some brake issues, the Blazer is overheating sometimes. Silver lining: Arthur was an easy(ish) fix. The Blazer should be (plus it's not consistently overheating at the moment).

My computer had seizures, soiled itself, and attempted to make my life hell. Well played, computer. Well played. At the time of writing, it's still out of commission. Silver lining: At least we still have hubby's computer. And I can get it worked on for free (thanks brother-in-law!).

I had some MAJOR issues getting in touch with my student loan company. Can I just tell you I loathe automated systems sometimes? Short version: I was locked out of my account and couldn't find a real person to reset it. Plus I needed my forbearance extended seeing as how I have no job. Can't fill anything out if I can't log in. Silver lining: I guess this is more of a resolution. I reached a real person! She was nice! She reset my account and submitted a new request for my account so I shouldn't have to pay for awhile still.

But it wasn't all bad. I had a few bright spots to finish my week.

My grandpa in Alabama had a pretty serious surgery on Thursday. The actual surgery was of course the part that everyone was worried about. He came through, and now the nurses are telling my aunt that he's doing better than a lot of patients who have the surgery. Prayers answered!

I got two job-related phone calls Friday morning. One was from my step-father-in-law. He told me he knew of a summer school position and gave me the necessary information. Potential summer work? That isn't waitressing or something not pertaining to my credential? Score!

Then I got another phone call a few hours later from a district who I interviewed with earlier this year. I was put on their "hirable list." Well, they have an opening in a junior high. Which is a big surprise because I hold a multiple subject credential (meaning I'm okay to teach the "multiple subjects" in an elementary classroom). Middle and high schools typically hire single subject people (people who studied the "single subject" they're going to teach all day). But this is a core class, meaning it's English and history/social science. Helloooo multiple subjects! Score! So I have an interview Tuesday.

So here's hoping this week is a little smoother. I'll have the kiddos for the last time for about a month(ish). I think we'll make some teacher gifts. My baby finishes Kindergarten! I'll try not to cry. And my best friend is getting married. Again, I'll try not to cry.

I'm ready for the rain to let up right about now so I can salvage my sanity.

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