Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My girl, Julia!

Isn't she just the little white version of me? haha

Julia is my youngest cousin, and my girl. We've always been close and now that she's turning 12 (!!!) we've been growing closer. She behaves like any other girl her age - rotten with mom, but amazing with me. I was the same way.

It's crazy to watch her being old and stuff. She's pretty! And I don't want boys talking to her! I don't have much to worry about, thankfully she's NOT boy crazy like I was. Plus she has two big brothers, and two step-brothers to chase them away. :)

So happy birthday my Julio (no, not a typo, it's a nickname). I love you little one!

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MalContent said...

She totally does look like the little white version of you. Only "little" is not in comparison to you. You're both little. And almost the same size, at that. Wow.