Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Time for me to show you things that would make me happy if they appeared on my doorstep! This week I went with plain and simple t-shirts. I'm all for a clever message on my shirt. Any of the following would be acceptable.

Important to know. I'll be needing an additional one for hubby. Although we do have our plan set for the inevitable zombie attack... From 6dollarshirts

Haha, I know I'll have to explain this one to you. The plan is for some unsuspecting person to see your shirt and ask, "What's 'updog?'" To which you reply, "Nothin' dog, what's up with you?" If you didn't get that, say it out loud. And forgive my stupid juvenile, stoner humor. From 6dollarshirts

I love some good math humor. This made me laugh loudly. I would seriously wear it. Don't question my math nerdiness. From snorgtees

This is LEGIT! I grew up with Pluto as a planet. It's still a planet in my solar system. From snorgtees

This is just great. No further explanation needed. From snorgtees

Again, no explanation needed. Although I would definitely show my age in this one. From snorgtees

Ahahahaaaaa! Love it. Also from snorgtees
So yeah, if you ever need a good idea for a gift for me, look for a clever shirt. Math-related humor gets bonus points.


MalContent said...

I actually did see some today that I thought you'd like, but it appears you've been to the site I saw 'em on, so... It's just funny you'd blog about that on the day that I happened to be checking out online t-shirts!

alissa said...

omg these are awesome. i cant decide which i like best - but i was totally trying to explain oregon trail to my husband the other day so that was definitely hits me the most! hilarious.