Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Wow! The slacker is blogging! It's amazing!

Okay, not really that amazing. But doing a wish list every week is fun, and easy. So why not do it?
So last night I went to a party for those decorative wall graphics. You know, the ones you can slap just about anywhere. And I pretty much wanted half the catalog. So I thought I would get on Etsy just to show you guys some of the more fun ones I wouldn't mind having around here.
This one cracks me up. I would totally put a face on my toilet. Who cares if it scares the kids?
I want this one over my bed. It's just cute! Without being overly cute.
I want a growth chart for Tad. And this one would be AWESOME. I'm seriously thinking about it.
Love love love this. Not sure where I'd put it, hubby wouldn't want it anywhere I'm sure.
And these branches are OUTSTANDING. I even kind of like the black wall that it's on...

And this is totally ridiculous, but I love it. Hubby would definitely not let me put this one up anywhere. He thinks I'm silly already. The wall graphic would just confirm it.

So what do y'all think? I love these as an option because they're totally removable (perfect for renters like me). I can think of hundreds of places to put these things too...

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