Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Okay, so since last week was soooo girly I figured this week would be a bit different. Hubby and I went to a quinceanera last weekend and we realized that he really doesn't have many "nice" shirts. And the ones he has are mostly long-sleeved. So today's list is full of things I would gladly put in hubby's closet. Whether or not he'd wear them might be a different story...

via Old Navy

via Buckle

via Target (there's no WAY he would wear this)

via Old Navy

via Buckle (blazers are out, his arms are too long to avoid custom fitting)

Even if hubby isn't into fashion, I still love him. Even if he wears holey t-shirts with stains around the apartment.


Steven said...

cardigans = legit!
haha i have 2 myself :)

i also like the shirt from old navy.

and the white shirt from buckle.

and pretty much all of your selections. haha. i already own a similar blazer like that, too. :P

MalContent said...

Yeah, I'd wear most of that shit myself.

But get this: I've shoes that are similar to the ones you show; some asshat told me they had a "manboy" vibe. I was like, "Gee, did I ask you for sartorial advice?"