Sunday, July 5, 2009


That's me. I haven't uploaded pics. I just dread doing it. So I'll give you pics that are already here...

These are the things that happen when Tad is here with us.
We turn uncle Tim's old shirt sleeves into ninja headgear. And Tad poses.
Tia Ashley bakes cookies. And Tad happily cleans the beater for me. He actually helps make them too.
Uncle Tim brings medical things (mask, cap, gloves) and we let Tad give us check ups.

And I sugar the kid up and pour frosting straight into his mouth. Because I am his aunt and it is my job to spoil him.

Thinking about it, I dread what my mother will let my kids get away with one day. Dad already let Tad have baked beans for breakfast one morning...

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Steven said...

Dude, I totally had Tad's job growing up. I licked the mixing bowl and beater-mixer-stick-things (I just drew a blank on what they're called) clean. This was all at my granny's house. And whenever she used brown sugar, she would say "whenever Grandma uses brown sugar, we have to give a spoonful to the kids" and I would get a mouthful of brown sugar. I loved it! :D