Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fo' Sho'

I am so ready for it to be Friday. We had S.U.R.F. Adventure Camp at church this week, which is similar to Vacation Bible School, except it's only for our fifth and sixth grade kids. Every morning. Nine to noon. Except we, as staff, need to be there early.

Can I just tell you I'm tired?

There have been a couple mornings I thought I would lose my voice. Because we split the kids into two teams and have been having competitions all week. I'm competitive. And loud. So there has been much cheering, chanting and shouting with my team. And I came home feeling a bit sore yesterday from a fierce tug-o-war game. Scott (our pastor in charge) decided it would be amusing to pit me against my aunt (who's on the other team, grrr...). The kids went CRAZY and I totally won. But I can feel it in my back and shoulders now.

So anyway, I'm glad to have a break from forty-plus kids every morning.

And since it's Friday, I bring you amusing videos. And since I spent my week with kids, I give you amusing kid videos. Enjoy. And have a relaxing weekend.

Ha, I love this kid. "Remember to ret her into your heart."

These babies freaked me out a little the first time I saw this commercial, but I'm actually kind of a fan of it now.

I just found this yesterday while blog-stalking. HILARIOUS!

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