Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to Craziness

Tad wanted to come home with me on Saturday from a party with the family. So of course we let him. And you know that means fun and craziness will be going on around here.

This afternoon we made a diorama for the dinosaurs my mom bought him a couple weeks ago. (Side note: he's FINALLY starting to love dinosaurs and this makes me BEYOND excited) We also went to the library (where he got two dinosaur books, and one that I was stoked for, and two other ones).

Tomorrow is the movies (this kid is totally scoring on the movies lately, this will be the fourth he's seen in the past two weeks... and that's with a week of not being here with us). And we'll probably decorate a couple shirts with some iron-on transfers we picked up last time he was here. He and hubby will have adventures while I tutor. Then he and I will have adventures while hubby goes to jiu jitsu. Probably head out to buy some supplies for crafts to come later in the week.

I swear that I'll get some pictures up this week. There's a lot going on here already. Then Thursday we're heading off to Great America with hubby's mom, step-dad, and three of the kids. There will obviously be pictures (especially since Spongebob is there and I think Tad will have a brain hemorrhage when he sees him).

"Insanity" is the word of the week over here.

Along with "sleep deprivation."

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