Thursday, July 9, 2009


So I meant to post earlier, but then I did stuff. So sorry this is a little late in the day.

As y'all know (because I'm a big fat whiny baby) I was sick this last week. Actually, it all started almost two weeks ago now. Felt my throat swelling, checked my tonsils, saw it was the same crap I've been getting for seven or eight years now. Yeah, I have recurring tonsillitis. Yeah, I should have them out. But I don't want to, I'm scared.

So I started antibiotics. And started feeling better. Then after five or six days it started coming back. And this time I was feeling worn out and feverish. Then Tuesday morning I woke up flushed. All of which point to the oh-so-delightful STREP THROAT.

Yeah. That was fun. And we do have insurance now, but we don't have our cards yet. So no normal doctor appointment for me. So hubby went to work and called me to come in because it was slow and I could actually get in semi-quickly. Drove the thirtyish minutes to the hospital he works at. An hour and one shot later, I was headed home.

So I'm aware I look totally pathetic here. That's semi-on purpose. I just wanted to model my fashionable hospital bracelet for all of you.

And there's where I got my shot. NO THIS IS NOT A PICTURE OF MY BUTT! You can see the band-aid and it's actually pretty high up there. Like you would be able to see it if my shirt didn't cover it.

And now I'm feeling a whole lot better. The spot where I got my shot is still a little sore. But my throat is looking better and I'm feeling a whole lot better. No more fevers or anything. I'll still have to go to a regular doctor (actually probably an ear, nose and throat specialist) in the future and possibly have to have my tonsils out. But for now, I'm good. Thanks for the sympathy and get-well-wishes!


Steven said...

dude! I freaking get tonsillitis every year too! Mine always pleasantly comes around Christmas time, though. I actually want to have my tonsils removed - but mom doesn't want me to do it. ha.

MalContent said...

I totally didn't give you any get-well wishes, did I? I'm a bad friend. :(