Wednesday, February 29, 2012

American Idol - Top Girls

So after the guys tore it up last night, I almost don't even want to watch the girls. Especially when I'm getting texts from my friend at work that the girls are stinkin' it up. Guess we'll have to see. A chick hasn't won in five seasons. I don't see this being their season...

Chelsea Sorrell - "Cowboy Casanova" - I don't remember her. Hubby doesn't either. Meh. Some notes are working but I definitely hear a couple falling flat. I could pull a Jennifer and say, "At least she looks cute!" haha I dig anything with sequins. Randy is already questioning her song choice. Jennifer said she was a little nasally. THAT'S what I couldn't put my finger on. I stand by my "meh."

Erika Van Pelt - "What About Love" - I DO remember her. I liked her audition and I liked her in Hollywood. She sang a song by Pink. Good stuff. Couple notes that made me scrunch my face. And her jacket with the awful shoulder pads is causing me physical pain... but overall I like her. She has power behind her voice. The judges love her.

Again... Ryan is so tiny! Like he's part fairy or something... I feel like I forget this every year and by halfway through the season I'm over it again.

Jen Hirsh - "One and Only" - I feel like Adele might be the latest artist to sing something that amateurs shouldn't take a shot at. I don't think I've heard anyone nail anything by her. Still, she does a pretty good job. I like her. Better than the first girl. The judges like her.

Ugh. So tired of the word "swag." First of all, what the heck is it supposed to mean? Second, do we have to say it SO MUCH? Thanks Randy, for reminding me how I don't enjoy that word.

Brielle Von Hugel - "Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay" - I have to get this out of the way... I can't stand her momager. Yeah, I called her that. She's nuts. I'm hearing good things and bad things in this song. I like her more than I dislike her I guess. Although wardrobe obviously isn't a fan since they put her in a dress that makes her look a little sausage-y. Highlight of her turn? Steven Tyler singing a couple notes afterward. Love him.

Hallie Day - "Feeling Good" - One of my favoritest songs ever. Someone does it every year. I usually prefer when it's a hottie, but oh well. I loved her beginning, but once she started wandering the stage she lost me a little. I wanted to love her. The judges liked her well enough. And I hope she stays because I think she could be good.

Side note: I swear it's like people are getting cash just for saying Adele's name lately. I feel like she's been mentioned SO MUCH already this season. I could probably turn it into a drinking game. Hmmmm...

Skylar Laine - "Stay With Me" - Sorry but my first reaction was, "What on earth is she wearing?" It's like something from the set of Dancing With the Stars. Hmmm... when I look past the outfit she sounds pretty good. A little too bouncy. Hubby think she sounds too "generic country." And now she's spazzing. Wow... this is more interesting than I thought it would be. The judges loved her.

Oh yeah, Randy is an attention whore. "Look at me! I'm relevant! I recorded that song!"

Baylie Brown - "Amazed" - Totally saw this song done live. Just had to say that. :) And... sads. It's no bueno. Hubby and I looked at each other and shook our heads. Poor thing. At least she looks pretty! haha I'll be surprised if she stays tomorrow night. Poor thing. I should also mention that Steven AND Jennifer told her how pretty she was. Death sentence...

Hollie Cavanagh - "Reflection" - She had me unsure at the beginning, but then she busted out the chorus and I kinda like her. Had to laugh at hubby right now who suddenly blurted, "That's from Mulan!" He was a little proud of himself for figuring that out. I'll give her one of the three best of the night. So far. The judges loved her.

Haley Johnsen - "Sweet Dreams" - First, I want her hair. Second, I don't want her dress. Third, odd song choice. For reals yo. Sorry. My inner Randy was coming out. I would love to love her for being brave and choosing an unusual song. But I don't. She had some good notes, but it was... weird. Jennifer was sunshiney and tried to figure out nice things to say.

Shannon Magrane - "Light Your World" - Did I get that title right? Whatevs. She sounded good. Definitely one of the best so far. It's crazy how good she is at sixteen. The judges gushed.

Jessica Sanchez - "Love You, I Do" - I don't know if I like the song itself. But she sounds good. Like, probably best of the night. Must be, judges stood up for her and Randy couldn't stop saying "yo." Which apparently means a good thing. We need a dictionary for Randy-speak. Anyway, she was good. End of story.

P.S. Jennifer said swag and made me cringe. I've got a new game in the works for this season. Mentions of Adele, mentions of swag...

Elise Testone - "One and Only" - Hubby got a confused look and I had to go double check my notes when Ryan gave the name of the song. Yup. Two girls singing the same song. And sorry Jen, but Elise KILLED IT. I like her a ton better. The judges seemed to like her better too. She has to make it through. Because if she doesn't get voted in,she'll get picked by a judge.

Alright... who's sticking around? Last night it was hard for me to pick the guys. Tonight feels a little easier. I'm not going to call these actual predictions. I'll just say that I'm hoping for them to stick around. I'm not voting tonight. But I did vote for Phil last night. A lot. I won't reveal the actual number.
  1. Elise
  2. Erika
  3. Hallie
  4. Hollie
  5. Shannon
  6. Jessica
We'll have to see tomorrow. I'm not cheering for any of the girls like I am the boys. I will definitely be crushed without my Phil.

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