Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have a hair appointment Saturday. And I'm a girl so I'm indecisive. I'm definitely getting my Brazilian Blowout again. But I'm wavering on whether or not I want bangs...

For reference, here I am now, without them.

Here's my normal look without them. The old ones are still there, just super long and I kinda like them like that. It's a little swoopy and fun to curl back.

And here's an old picture from when I had them before. I loved them.

So. Torn. I'm rotten with decision-making. Here are a couple pics of what I'm thinking...

Help me decide friends. My appointment is Saturday.

1 comment:

MalContent said...

You loved the bangs. Also, you with bangs is how you are on Loki Island. So the choice should be obvious.