Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Things

I really do mean to blog more often. Honest. It just doesn't happen. You know me... I get busy doing nothing. Hench the lack of pictures on my picture a day page... yeah I don't see that succeeding, perhaps I should take it down.

ANYWAY... I'm having a fabulous week off and spending time at Disneyland with the husband. We'll be home Thursday. When I will relax further until returning to school next week. I love mini-vacations.

But since I had a bit of free time, I thought I would get a couple posts ready. Like today's...

5 Things I Am Excited and Nervous About
  1. In just over four weeks I'm making wedding cupcakes. WEDDING. No pressure at all there...
  2. In two weeks our second trimester of school ends... meaning conferences. The conferences don't really scare me. I just hate doing all the grades. 
  3. Did I mention I'm going to take part in a flash mob??? Yes. I'm going to be part of a flash mob. I've yet to attend the dance class...
  4. I'm kind of unofficially on a planning team for a pub crawl here in town. It's Star Wars themed. I told the guy in charge I could make him a Jedi robe. And I can... when I dig out my sewing machine. My sewing room is kind of always a disaster area.
  5. Those wedding cupcakes... seriously. I know I can do it, but whoa.
But I'm going to do away with nervousness today and just enjoy Disney. We bought annual passes this year. There will be a lot of trips.

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